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The Camels

I was at the zoo with my daughter recently. We saw all the typical zoo animals, lions, bears, elephants and giraffes. While we were looking at the camels, she turned to me and asked, "Mama, why do the camels have those bumps on their backs?"

"Well, honey," I said, "those are called humps and they store water so camels can walk long distances in the desert where it is very dry." She nodded and kept looking at the camels chewing their food.

"Well mama, why do the camels feet look like that?" she asked me. "The camels have hooves instead of feet, so that they can walk long distances on the hot sand in the desert," I told her.

My daughter reached out, trying to pet a camel that had come close, but nowhere near close enough to touch. She said, "Mama, look at their eyelashes! Why do they have such long eyelashes?"

"Aren't they beautiful, honey? They have long eyelashes to protect their eyeballs from the sand that blows around the desert."

My daughter thought for a minute and said, "The camels have humps so they can store water to live, in the desert." I murmured, "Mmm-hum."

"They have hooves so that they can walk really far, in the desert." I said, "Yes," distracted by the animals moving closer.

"And they have long eyelashes, to keep their eyes safe, in the desert." I answered, "Yes, ma'am!"

"Well mama, they aren't in the desert, they are in the zoo!"

Y'all, this was so true. These camels, who had these amazing gifts to help them excel at life in the desert, were living the life of luxury here in the zoo, in North Carolina, where it doesn't get too hot and it doesn't get too cold. They have an indoor facility, an outdoor area to run and play, and a water feature. And they get fed regularly, not having to forage for food.

This made me think about us as humans and the gifts we are given. Everyone excels at something. Not always are we in the right environment to use our gifts.

Let me help you excel at your gifts by using my gifts and take the pressure of marketing your company off your back.

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