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Find Your Word of the Year

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Who else is surprised that it is already 2019? The new year snuck up on me, after all my Christmas-ing. I was so busy finishing the year strong that I still don't have my Word of the Year for 2019. Since 2016, I have found a word to guide me through the year. This word is found by looking back and reflecting as well as looking forward and dreaming. This word helped shape each year and guide me to the next reflecting point on life's journey.

In 2016, hugely pregnant, looking for change and growth, I found Cherish. I was able to cherish my job that allowed to me birth babies and come back to work. I was reminded to cherish my growing family and friends. I survived a birth and the newborn stage and I made it through counting my blessings to start 2017 with Thrive. Be careful what word finds you. These words will push all your buttons as well as push you out of your comfort zone. Thrive took me into a new career where stress and fire drills were the norm. The months of learning by doing and drinking from a firehose opened my eyes to so many of my skills that I was afraid to let shine, as well as teaching me new skills that opened doors I hadn't known were there. After embracing this word, I decided to take a break and rest. I selected Enough. Surely, this word would give me so peace to regroup and refresh.

2018's word, Enough, manifested into my husband leaving a lucrative career and joining a start-up with awesome potential so he would have more time with our family. It lifted me off my ass and into the gym for over 100 workouts. It pushed me to put one foot in front of the other and timidly step my way into launching my own company. This word taught me to say no more often and to prioritize the things that matter to me. It helped me remember to rest and then threw life at me in buckets when I was idle too long.

For 2019, I want to really concentrate and map out my word. I want to meditate and listen to the waves and write my first thought each morning. But . . . life. So rather than wing it, I put together a series of worksheets to help us open ourselves up to our word while kids run wild and meals are cooked and we live life to the fullest.

Here are three worksheets to help you find your word of the year.

Congratulations on finding your word of the year!

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