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7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Brand

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

You are a business owner and you are rocking what you do, boss babe. You are following your passion and living your dream. But maybe what you are passionate about isn't marketing. Maybe SEO and social media don't rank high on your list of Top 10 Things to do Today. Here are seven tips to help you stay true to what you love doing, but to get some traction on those social media platforms your clients and potential clients love scrolling though.

Each day, you block out time to work on your business. Make sure to block out some time for these marketing tasks. Check them off, then get back to what you love.

1 - Create a social media content calendar to outline your daily posts.

To make keeping track of your posts clear and organized, write everything down on a calendar. Go ahead, print out the attachment and pick up a pen. Write your ideas down. Don't be afraid to make a mess!

2 - Use a social media management platform such as Buffer or Hootsuite.

These are free tools you can use to schedule and plan your social media. They are so helpful in organizing your thoughts and planning out content to post at the most relevant time.

3 - Create a business page on Facebook and switch to a business account on Instagram.

You are running a business, so benefit from pages created for your company. Instagram business pages offer analytics - information you can use to better position your posts and market to the people looking at your content. Facebook business page allows you to boost posts and target ads directly to the audience you want to reach. Create and test Facebook ads using your Facebook business page, then run the ad that preforms the best.

4 - Set your social media management software up to post to both accounts daily, using the calendar you laid out.

Preset all of your posts and track analytics from each one. Lay out your posts, then easily make changes and updates. Organize your posts with pictures that fit the platforms - square for Instagram, rectangle for Facebook. Mix in video, quotes and images the reflect your product or brand.

5 - Repurpose your blog posts, utilize beautiful photography from photo shoots or free photo sites such as Pixabay or Unsplash.

The best part about creating blog content is that you can use it in multiple forms. Promote your blog on your social media accounts. Later, break up the content for social media posts. Lists can be posted as single items with corresponding photos. Some blog posts will be evergreen, meaning they can be reused after minor tweaks later in the year or following years.

6 - Respond to messages and comments.

Social media is meant to be social. The interaction builds relationships and develops trust in your brand. Make a point to like or respond to comments. Reply to DMs and PMs (direct messages and private messages).

7 - Stay true to your brand with colors, fonts and messaging.

Your brand is your calling card. It is your face to the world. Be consistent and protect your logo. Keep true to your color pallet. If your brand is upbeat with bright colors then posting a dark, moody picture on Instagram veers away from your messaging and can throw your followers off. Consistently reinforce your brand, your messaging and your color pallet to build more followers.

Bonus Tip: Be consistent!

Post every day. Your adoring fans want to hear from you. You may not have earth-shattering posts every single day, but you can provide relevant content that brings joy to your people.

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